Hotels are all about creating an unsurpassed customer experience. The best hotels instill a high standard of quality guest service in its employees, food, guest rooms & suites, and appearance of its common areas. Our custom wallscapes, dimensional lettering, and aesthetic door plaques are vital to establish an image that sets a hotel apart from others in its crowded industry.

New restaurants open their doors for the first time everyday! 60% of them will close down within the first year of business. With such fierce competition, setting a quality standard for your establishment is crucial for its success. There are 4 pillars essential for success: location, quality of food, customer service, and ambiance. The last element is where we come in. Wonder Wall Wraps offers design services to help create a visually pleasing environment that correlates and expounds on the experience you want your guests to have.

We offer wall murals, table top graphics, booth accents, POP displays, menu boards, counter graphics, and much more. Contact us today to speak to one of our marketing consultants, and let us help you bring your vision to life. Just think of the possibilities ahead: a full dining area abuzz with hungry patrons, plans to open multiple location and perhaps even expanding to national and international markets. Once you achieve these exciting milestones, you will have us as your graphics partner ready produce, ship and install your graphics to your exact specs and established brand standards, essentially replicating your concept time and time again. Our main focus is to enure your triumph over the competition.

Some of our hotel & restaurant clients include: